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A Fundraiser

I am a Fundraiser

TMA Fundraising is a company dedicated to ‘paying it forward’.

Our programs are designed to ensure those Groups we work with can secure much needed funding through our highly innovative programs whereby EVERYONE who assists that Group benefits.

TMA Fundraising believes this philosophy of rewarding those who are good enough to help others is the way of the future, and we have built a business on this mindset and commitment.

Our program works as follows:

The TMA Fundraising Program will ask you to share your Fundraising page with your social media contacts, friends and family. You can also share with the contacts in your email address book.

Your contacts will click your page link, land on your page and find that they can win one of a number of luxurious holidays to different parts of the world by purchasing tickets in the competition. You don’t need to ask them for donations – they will gladly help your fundraising because of the amazing prizes on offer.

Beyond that, everybody who purchases a ticket receives some wonderful offers that are worth far more than what they have spent on helping out.

Being a Fundraiser with TMA is simple and different and we are certain that your experience will be many times more positive than if you were asking for donations.

The process is straight-forward:

  • register as a Fundraiser
  • select an event if you are a participant in an event (you don’t have to be in an event to have a fundraiser page)
  • select your charity / organisation or cause that you wish to help (contact us to add one not currently shown)
  • complete the information required

Once done, your fundraising page will be created instantly and you are ready to go!

As a Fundraiser with TMA you are a very special individual – and we want to reward you for that. For setting up your Fundraising Page and ‘kicking off’ your Campaign by buying and registering the first $10 of ticket sales – we will say thank you on behalf of your chosen organisation / cause by giving you:

  • 3 months Wowsta VIP membership allowing you to access discounts across Australia on a wide-range of products and services
  • $150 in Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollars – which are real Australian Dollars that you can use to offset the cost of travel, holidays, accommodation, cruises, tours and so much more


WHEN YOU REACH YOUR FUNDRAISING TARGET of $1,000 or more, we will say thank you again with:

  • A further 12 months of Wowsta VIP membership  – valued at $110 per year
  • and another $1,000 in Wowsta Dollars to add to the Dollar total in your account with Wowsta.


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Fundraising Has Changed…

TMA Fundraising, the ONLY win-win-win program on the market.