Holiday Prize Program – TMA

Holiday Prize Program

Holiday Prize Program

Anyone who has experienced any of the crowdfunding or fundraising portals that are around will know that they rely solely on the generosity of donors who are moved enough by a Cause to support it with a financial donation. Whilst the donor is left knowing their small contribution is part of a larger amount that can make all the difference to the Cause being supported, the donor receives nothing back to thank them for their support.

At TMA Fundraising we are turning the online donation industry on its head, ensuring ANYONE who contributes to any Cause RECEIVES back more than the financial contribution they made. For any amount someone contributes to any Cause using TMA Fundraising, they receive back a number of special offers worth significantly more than whatever the amount was they contributed, PLUS they are rewarded with multiple tickets to win one of 21 International Holidays including airfares worth a total of $100,000.

The TMA Fundraising program is all about ensuring that BOTH the Cause and the contributor wins. The Cause wins by reaching its required targets easily, AND the actual contributors to the Cause also win in the form of what they are rewarded with for their support.

TMA Fundraising believe this form of fundraising and rewarding all contributors is the way of the future as more and more crowdfunding and fundraising portals come online, all seeking donations from many of the same people already supporting other Causes. We at TMA Fundraising believe the only sustainable way that all Causes can be successful in their fundraising activity is to ensure ALL contributors are more than compensated for their help and support.

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