Q & A


How do I register an Organisation?

Contact TMA at enquiry@tmafundraising.com confirming the name of your Organisation, your name, email address and telephone contact – TMA will respond to you personally within 1 business day (or sooner).

How do I register an Event?

Contact TMA at enquiry@tmafundraising.com confirming the name of your Organisation, your name, email address and telephone contact – TMA will respond to you personally within 1 business day (or sooner).

How do I register as a Fundraiser?

To register as a fundraiser simply click on the ‘Fundraise Now’ Buttons anywhere on the website.

Alternatively you can go to your Dashboard and click on ‘Create Campaign’.

Using either of these methods you then simply fill out the required details, upload your images and submit.  Your page is created instantly and can be edited at any time through your Dashboard

How do I register as a Supporter?

Simply click the ‘register’ button on the home page and fill out the required details.

I cannot find the Organisation I wish to support

Contact enquiry@tmafundraising.com and advise the details of the Organisation you wish to support

How does the organisation receive the funds from ticket sales?

Funds are reconciled and sent to the Organisation monthly

Does an Organisation pay any registration/monthly/annual fees?


Does a Participant / Fundraiser pay any registration/monthly/annual fees?


What fee applies to supporters?

A one off service fee will apply to the supporter to cover bank transaction fees.

What does TMA provide for organisations?

TMA provides the following:

  • All the prizes & ticket offers
  • Establishment and hosting of the fundraising pages for Organisations, events and fundraisers
  • Support of a dedicated TMA Teammate through your campaign
  • Payment processing through a secure payment gateway
  • Account reconciliation for all payments
  • A marketing tool kit to help promote your fundraising campaign

How do I redeem the Special Discount Offers

  1. The 2 Wowsta offers will redeem automatically when you register your tickets into the competition.  If you haven’t already registered your tickets then you can do so here – http://www.tmaregisterhere.com
  2. To redeem all other offers – go to your dashboard and you will find the offers in your ‘payments, tickets, offers, reports’ sectio
  3. Simply click on the ‘open offers’ button
  4. Find the offer you like and click on the red button ‘click to redeem’
  5. You will be taken to the redemption page or website for each of our partners where you can make your purchases
  6. Please take note of the Promo Code if one is included on the offer.  If there is no Promo Code listed in the offer then the discount will be automatically applied on the partner’s page / website
  7. If you have any questions about our offers then please check our FAQ section or send us an email from the Contact Us page.

Q & A

TMA Holiday Prize Fundraising Program

What are the current program Prizes?

You can see all of the prizes here https://www.tmatickets.com/holiday-prizes/

How do l receive the ticket/s l have purchased?

Ticket numbers will be available in 3 ways:

  1. emailed to your registered email address
  2. on the confirmation screen immediately after purchase
  3. saved in your dashboard

I cannot locate the email with the ticket details. What do I need to do?

Email enquiry@tmafundraising.com

You can also check your Dashboard after logging in as all tickets purchased are saved here

How do l register my ticket/s to be eligible for the prizes and the Wowsta offers?

To register your tickets you simply need to go to http://www.tmaregisterhere.com and follow the instructions

When do tickets have to be registered to be included in the Holiday Prizes Program?

Registration must be completed by 11.59 PM AEST 30th September 2017

What is the maximum number of tickets l can purchase?

There is no maximum

How are prize winners notified?

Prize winners will be notified by email, telephone call and their name will be published in The Australian newspaper on the 6th of October 2017

Who is eligible to enter?

Entry is only open to Australian residents aged 18 years or over, who have an Internet connection and a website browser capable of accepting cookies or other devices used by the Promoter to track entries, and who have a valid email address.

Do TMA have physical tickets available?

Yes you can order books of 26 tickets to sell and support your Organisation- minimum book numbers apply. Contact support@tmafundraising.com