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About Us

About TMA Fundraising

TMA Fundraising is a company dedicated to ‘paying it forward’.

Our programs are designed to ensure those Groups we work with can secure much needed funding through our highly innovative programs whereby EVERYONE who assists that Group benefits. No longer are these Groups simply relying on donations from those wanting to help. All supporters who participate can walk away with significantly more than they have contributed, gaining access to substantial discount offers and specials from multinational, national and other well known companies and brands. They also secure entries into the TMA Holiday Prize Program of 21 International Holidays including airfares worth a total of $100,000.

TMA Fundraising believes this philosophy of rewarding those who are good enough to help others is the way of the future, and we have built a business on this mindset and commitment.

Key personnel within TMA Fundraising come from backgrounds with collaborative business interests, sporting clubs, charities, event management and loyalty-based businesses. Our profound understanding of the continual need for new and innovative funding techniques for all these groups to ensure their survival and growth is the key driver behind TMA Fundraising.

Fundraising Has Changed…

TMA Fundraising, the ONLY win-win-win program on the market.